Things people ask


How fast does it go?

To meet California electric bicycle regulations, Economy Mode is tuned for a top speed of 20 mph. For off-road use, engage Sport Mode to reach 40 mph and higher power.  

How far can it go?

In Economy Mode and cruising at 20 mph on a bicycle path, the M-1 can travel up to 50 miles (30-35 in city) on a single charge and WITHOUT PEDALING ONCE. For the adventurous (and “for off-road use only”), activate Sport Mode for a thrilling 5.5kW, 40 mph ride for 20-30 miles.  

How do I charge it?

Our standard 5-hour smart charger carefully manages battery health and ensures maximum range. Simply plug one end of the charging adaptor into any standard wall outlet, the other into the bike, and press GO.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have a garage, simply remove the batteries with the theft-resistant quick-release, lock your bike outside, and charge your batteries inside using our charging adaptor.

Really… no license required?

Correct! The M-1’s Economy Mode is limited to a top speed of 20 mph and 1,000 watts to comply with California electric bicycle regulations. Each state may have its own restrictions which you can view here.

In California, as long as you are 16 years or older and wear a bicycle helmet, you can ride an M-1,  and you don’t need a license, registration or insurance.

What do I do if I run out of batteries?

You can actually set the M-1 onto its center stand and charge the batteries by pedaling. However, conservation of energy suggests that you are just as well off pedaling home.

How long do the batteries last?

Our patented Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are rated for over 2,000 cycles before any noticeable reduction in performance. What that means is that you can ride your M-1 30 miles a day, every day for 5.5 years. Just like a Tesla, your batteries will last 5-8 years depending on how hard you ride.

What is the maintenance schedule?

Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines, the vibrations that the M-1 experiences are far less, so nuts and bolts don’t loosen over time. With no oil to change or valves to adjust, the M-1 saves you even more money. Just like with a bicycle, periodic chain, brakes and tire maintenance are required. The M-1 is smart enough to know when it is time to perform routine maintenance.

I've never ridden a motorcycle, will I be able to learn?

If you can ride a bicycle you can ride an M-1. We have people who never twisted a throttle as well as experienced motorcyclists hop on and effortlessly ride away.

How does the M-1 handle rain?

The M-1 performs flawlessly in rain, though just as with a bicycle or a motorcycle, extra caution must be used for safety and maneuverability. You can actually ride the M-1 under water (assuming it has very low ionic content), though it is not recommended.

Where is the M-1 built?

We are proud to say that the M-1 is built in the USA. In fact, we recently outgrew our home in San Francisco's Richmond district and moved to a new home just south of San Francisco in sunny Brisbane. The new Bolt Labs is our center for development and construction, showroom, and demo rides.  Drop by to say hello at 100 North Hill Drive, Brisbane, CA 94005. Schedule a test ride HERE (link).

What does the 1 year warranty cover?

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects and not parts with damage due to abuse or misuse. We provide technical support and consultation.

This warranty is effective only if the product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose and the product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments. We reserve the right to determine what damage is due to defective materials and what is due to product abuse or misuse. All warranties are void if abuse or misuse is detected.  

This warranty extends only to the original customer and is non-transferrable.

Common wear items are not covered under warranty, such as tires, brakes, lights, rubber covers, seat covers, and other plastic parts. 

Does the warranty cover me if I don't live in California?

The same as above. However, if a shipment is required, you must pay for the shipment of the broken part to our service center via UPS, FedEx, or US Postal. When we receive the broken part, we will ship you a replacement part free of charge.

I'm tall. Will this work for me?

We’ve had people as tall as 6'7" ride an M-1. If you’re shorter than that, the M-1 is perfect for you. Actually, the taller you are, the more like a supersport motorcycle it feels. We are motorcycle riders and particularly love supersport, so that was our inspiration. We think you will like it as well.

I'm short. Will this work for me?

We've had petite 5'0" ladies hop on the M-1 and transform into total badasses (5'0" men do the same). The M-1 is light enough to be comfortably managed by a smaller person. We suggest riders are at least 4'11" to ride. 

Is this M-1 model the same for men and women?

It sure is. Women and men love the M-1 equally and every test rider comes back with a grin that just won't quit.  

Is there a weight limit?

The M-1 accommodates 2 riders or up to 350lbs. Passenger pegs are sold separately through our website.

What about theft?

There is no substitute for good judgment, and that includes where you lock your M-1. Nothing is theft-proof but we can slow thieves down. First, the M-1 is keyless and password protected. Only you and authorized users can start your M-1. When locking outside, we recommend a 9" U-lock that you can buy at any bicycle shop, hardware store, or online. Simply lock your M-1 to a bicycle rack as you would a regular bicycle, and your M-1 should be right where you left it when you return.

Can I customize my M-1?

Not quite yet. Currently, the M-1 Bolt Motorbike is available in Classic Black, but we're working on other color schemes and aftermarket upgrades including passenger pegs, storage and basket options, extra batteries, and more. If you have specific requests or cool ideas, please contact us directly...we want to hear from you!