Electronics Technician

  • Full-time
  • Brisbane, CA
  • Start immediately



Monday Motorbikes is looking for an exceptional electronics technician who is capable of consistently producing high volumes of quality components at high yield, ensuring the performance and safety of our bikes

Our first line of technicians have the immense responsibility for scaling our American production facility. As the Electronics Technician you will be building the cables, PCBs, tooling, quality assurance processes and culture for our 20 bike/month machine



  • Fabricating parts for our bikes and batteries – including but not limited to building cable assemblies from raw components, populating PCBs, soldering prototype boards (SMT & through-hole) and building batteries
  • Able to turn a wrench when required - ability to use machine shop tools is valued highly
  • Assembling bikes and batteries to a degree of quality that ensures the satisfaction and safety of our riders
  • Designing and implementing test rigs and quality assurance process
  • Debugging and testing parts using oscilloscopes, multi-meters, mechanical testing is a slam-dunk for you
  • Assisting with R&D – rapidly prototype parts and tooling when required
  • Ensuring best-practice electrical safety
  • Keeping the electronics shop clean, maintaining consumable stock
  • Participate in design reviews with engineers, and evaluation of parts/processes
  • Supervise interns and transfer knowledge via training and creation of documentation
  • Shipping & receiving
  • In particular, we are looking for a technician with a strong background in batteries, and an electrical & tool-savvy generalist


How you'll succeed

  • You’re so good at what you do that engineers vacate the room when it comes to building. People marvel at your meticulousness, quality and sheer speed
  • You’re versatile – new processes don't scare you. Never seen it before? You'll pick it up on the spot and be an expert by the end of the day
  • You have a sense of urgency and are self-directed. You know there’s an unlimited supply of work, and you’re always thinking about how to prioritize your time/improve efficiency
  • You’re consistent – your dreams are haunted by the idea of your teammates debugging for hours because of a faulty connection
  • You're capable of high-precision work - not everybody who can turn a wrench can hand-solder SMT components
  • You know that lives depend on your work, and you’re confident that you possess the attention to detail and quality workmanship to sleep soundly at night
  • You understand the importance of meticulous documentation. Tool in one hand, notebook in the other
  • You’re resourceful enough to figure most problems out, yet humble enough to ask for what you need
  • You work best with your head down building independently and thinking creatively, but when it comes to collaboration, you enjoy sharing fabrication hacks with your colleagues
  • Understanding of and experience with two-wheelers, electric vehicles and familiarity with batteries are highly valued


Performance Expectations

  • BOM labor component (person-hours per bike) will improve by 25% within 3 months
  • Guide bike production to a sustainable rate of 20 bikes/month by September, leaving our sales team scrambling to keep up
  • You’ll keep the parts bins fully stocked
  • No faulty component will ever reach the assembly line - your consistency and quality assurance processes will ensure the line never stops
  • Work overtime as required – joining a startup is highly rewarding and gives you growth opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. However, earnestly taking on unexpected jobs and overtime comes with the territory
  • Your work will lead Bolt towards scale, so that your role can grow with us


What Now?

We’re looking for exceptional people who have the skills and experience to take production to the next level, but who are also as cool as the feeling of riding our bike - one of those perks you’ll never get tired of

Apply above! If we like what we see, we’ll ask you to come in and prove it

We’re not hiring one, we’re building a team. Refer to us the other technicians you respect the most, and you’ll hopefully end up getting to work with them! Regardless, if they’re hired by your referral, we’ll throw something nice your way